Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Chinese music - traditional pipa solo by Liu Fang 霸王卸甲 劉芳琵琶

The Pipar. One of the most powerful and intense instruments ever invented by MAN. I love all this instruments and their Music because I am more than multi-ethnic - I am musically and culturally ACCULTURATED. Such Beautiful sounds!!!

It's very emotional and powerful playing - a pipa solo style par excellence, by the internationally acclaimed pipa virtuoso Liu Fang -

la beauté, la puissance et la grâce de la musique traditionnelle chinoise, et le charme de la musique classique oriental!

The title of this classical master piece
is "King Chu doffs his armour" (Ba Wang Xie Jia), from traditional repertoire for pipa solo. It describes a tragic event around 202 BC (see for more information and a video of higher resolution.

The pipa has four strings and 30 frets, and is often referred to as Chinese lute or the Flamenco guitar of China, though the playing techniques are quite different. 

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