Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Author's note:

Dunstan , my Chinese- American brother-in law was a brilliant scientist, en extraordinary multi - tasker, something most people today do poorly. He was a loving and caring husband. Indeed, he was an endearing man to all of us. Truly a most beautiful human being. A rarity then as now.

My daughter Cinzia was so fond of him, she flew from Bangkok to Los Angeles as he lay dying. She wanted to lend an affectionate helping hand to Carmen, whose superb picture appears on your left. Cinzia was there for his last days and hours. That girl has brains, heart and light - lots and lots of it.

Marlise, the poet, copywriter, advertising executive, and successful career woman, who wrote the haunting "Everywhere" is also my daughter. She is gifted as well,and multi-talented in addition to loving Carmen and Dunstan greatly.

We shall remember you always, dear Brother-in law.

What follows is Carmen's note and Marlise's "Everywhere".

My dear ones: As you are all aware (most of you are) fifteen years ago on November 25th which then was the day after Thanksgiving, my beloved soulmate/husband Dunstan died. This year the day falls on the day before Thanksgiving. I am sending the poem that my dear niece, Marlise Grey-Brophy wrote for me in his memory and that I read at his memorial service.


In the fall mist,
In winter's kiss,
In the spring fog,
You are there.

In the cool morning,
In the clouds at noon,
In the white moon,
You are there.

In the lazy breeze,
In the flutter of leaves,
In the sparrow's call,
You are there.

In the murmur of the fountain,
In the trill of the phone,
In the squeak of the door,
You are there.

In the hum of the camcorder,
In the click of the camera,
In the whir of the CD player,
You are there.

In steaming tea,
In grated garlic,
In a perfect pear,
You are there.

In the page of a book,
In a lover's long look,
In a stranger's first hello,
You are there.

In the beauty of Vancouver,
In the expanse of China,
In the spell of New Orleans,
You are there.

In my mother's eyes,
In my son's voice,
In every choice,
You are there.

In every dream,
In every memory,
In every hope,
You are there.

Fifteen years later in the Fall. . .
I vividly recall__our walks, our talks,our hugs, our tugs, our fears,
our tears, your love, my love. . . I continue to live through it all_

"Wo i nee."
"Te amo."
"I love you, my Dunstan."

your Carmen

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